EZLift Ltd     

EZLift Introduces Their New Electric Workshop Stand 

  • Lift Capacity 90kg

  • Use: Shop

  • Power: 12VDC

  • Universal AC Power Supply

  • Fixed Shop Mount 

  • Universal Claw

  • Quick Change Mount

  • Optional Cargo Bike Plate

  • Optional Cargo Bike Carriage

  • Dual Lifting Capacity

  • Motor: 1/4 HP Industrial Motor

  • Solid-State Motor Controller

  • Control: Hand or Foot Controller

  • Lifting Hight: 1649mm at Claw

  • Physical Size: H 2100mm

  • Weight: 49kg

  • Warranty: 5 Years

  • Price: £2,250.00



(Left) Custom Cargo Plate can be manufactured to any specfication to support smaller cargo bikes as well as e-Mopeds with a custom rear spinner for rear wheel running  £450.00 


(Right) Cargo Carriage which is fully adjustable and can support 2 wheel or 3 wheel cargo bikes £450.00

The Worlds First Modular Service Lift

EZLift has developed the world’s first modular service lift. It can be fully customised to accommodate all types of bikes, cargo bikes, traditional scooters, and the new breed of e-motorcycles. 


The design is so unique that EZLift has applied for patent protection. Unlike others of its kind, our lift is fully modular, which means it can be slipped out of its shop mount and used in the field with its mobile mount.


The lift is versatile and can be powered by a universal AC power supply, vehicle battery or separate 12VDC battery. It is a global friendly solution which conforms to all safety standards. It is also waterproof and has the capacity to lift weights of up to 90kg. 


Due to the recent explosive growth of ebikes, ecargo bikes and e-motorcycles, current shop stands are not fit for purpose. Those that do exist have limited scope and do not cover the growing remote service opportunities which offer all important revenue sources for dealers.


EZLift is the ideal service lift solution.

ZLift Portable Weatherproof 12VDC Electrict Lift

EZLift’s 12VDC Portable Lift  Assembly

EZLift's Shop Mount With Universal AC Power Supply. The Shop Mount is Included with the Portable Lift Assembly

EZLift's Optional Mobile Mounting Plate

with the Tyre Plate

EZLift's Clamping Assembly With Universal Mounting Quick/Release

Plate Included with All Lifts 

EZLift Can Build Custom Clamping

Devices to Capture any Bike

EZLift's Optional HItch Assembly which Is included with the Mobile Mounting Plate